Custom Sets


Create & Export custom set within the app

mark the Kanji of your custom set via the paperclip symbol in the Browser or the practice screen. Go to Settings -> Test Set and chose marked entries

Import custom set

1. Create custom set

– either use a text file you’ve previously sent from the app or create your own (UTF8 coded .txt file)
– there are two basic formats
pasted-graphic-3-1 all Kanji written in one line without spaces or newlines kanji_only_sample.txt
if you want to additionally want to import your own meanings, write every Kanji in a new line and write your custom meaning separated by a semicolon ; behind the Kanji. sample_meanings.txt
Your custom meanings are also imported into the default sets. This means if you import a kanji set where you specify the meaning of “一” is “uno”. “uno” is the meaning for “一” in all program kanji sets that contain this Kanji like “JLPT N5” or “1. Grade”.

2. Upload custom set to your device or public webspace

You can either upload it to a public webspace (that supports direct file links) or upload it to your devices via iTunes:

3. Import from device or public webspace

Go to Settings -> Test Set and press import

import www Insert the public link of the file you’ve previously uploaded into the URL field and a name and press Import. Make sure you write the the complete url including https:// and that the link is a direct link to the file. (e.g.:
Many public webspaces (e.g. Dropbox, OneDrive) do not support direct file links (these links don’t end with txt and don’t link file directly but rather html page from which the file can be downloaded)
Due to security restriction of iOS only secure connections are accepted (start with https://)

import internal memory Chose this, select the set you want to import and press „Import“. This Entry only appears if you uploaded .txt files to your device via iTunes.