switch between handwriting font and system font (some test types)

test Chose the Test Type

answer form chose whether you want to do a multiple choice test or directly input your answer

time to answer how much time you have to answer in multiple choice tests (slide all the way to the right to deactivate)

multipe only whether the wrong answers in multiple choice tests are taken from all Entries or just the currently selected entries.

test mode
chose the general Test Mode
Standard: all Kana of the currently selected Set (or Set Range) are in Test

Leitner: Kana of current Set (or Set Range) get orgranized in 5 Leitner Groups according to success failure of the last test in it’s category (Romaji, Character) to have get an better overview which Kana should be trained more

先生 [Sensei]: Kana get organized in the same 5 Leitner Groups. Kana for the next test round get automatically selected based on the last test results. This is the best way to train 😉 You always have a moderate amount (5-25) of test questions and the app keeps track which Kana you have to drill more often and which you already know pretty well.

If the Test Question is written using Hiragana/Katakana you can chose which font to use or set the font to random (changing with every question)