practice top bar
left arrow previous word

right arrow next word

clip mark word for custom selection (Settings -> Test Set -> Marked Entries)

black info
Short Press: show only vocable info without drawing pad
Long Press: Show Practice Settings

chose writing practice chose which wordform/reading you want to use for writing practice (by clicking on it)

pasted-graphic-4 clear what you’ve just drawn

pasted-graphic-5 next character (if the word contains more than one character)

pasted-graphic-6 previous character (if the word contains more than one character)

pasted-graphic-7 switch between system font, handwriting font and not displaying the character in the background of the drawing pad

play TTS voice output of current vocable (available if Audio In-App purchase was done)

pasted-graphic shows the average success rate of the lastMeaning Tests, Reading Tests, Recognition & Audio Tests

auto forward if activated switches automatically to the next Character after you’ve drawn it X times

word character chose chose whether you want to repeat the individual character or the complete word

infos on practice page which Infos are displayed by default on the practice page

random order activate random order of vocables in Practice

audio auto play automatic TTS voice output of current vocable in Practice (available if Audio In-App purchase was done)

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