Custom Sets

Create & Export custom set within the app

pasted-graphic-3-2 mark the vocables of your custom set via the checkmark symbol in the Browser or the practice screen. Go to Settings -> Test Set and chose pasted-graphic-4 to drill or practice your previously selected vocables.

pasted-graphic-1-1 save your marked vocables as a new set, send it via email to a friend, or add it to another one of your custom sets

Import custom set

1. Create custom set

– either use a text file you’ve previously sent from the app or create your own (UTF8 coded .txt file)
Write down the words seperated by a newline. You can use either the chinese word or the reading (pin yin) of the word. If the app finds multiple entries, it will ask you which word your meant. If you also want to add your own translation for the word, you can write it behind the word separated by a “;”. chinese_sample.txt
Your custom translation are also imported into the default sets. This means if you import a vocable set where you specify the meaning of “先生” is “docente”. “docente” is the meaning for “先生” in all program vocabulary sets that contain this vocable.

2. Upload custom set to your device or public webspace

You can either upload it to a public webspace like Dropbox or upload it to your devices SD-Card folder into the folder „chinese“. Every device has a sdcard folder even if it does not a have a physically SD-Card Slot (e.g. Galaxy Nexus)

3. Import from SD-Card or public webspace

– Go to Settings -> Test Set and press pasted-graphic-3-2-1

pasted-graphic-6-1 Insert the public link of the file you’ve previously uploaded into the URL field and a name and press Import. Make sure you write the the complete url including http://. Dropbox links usually look something like this:

pasted-graphic-7 Chose this Radio Button, select the set you want to import and press „Import“. This Radio Button only appears if there are .txt files in the „sdcard/chinese“ folder on your device.